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MediaGoblin Monthly Meeting

When: 9:00 am Pacific Time first Saturday of the month. Convert time to your timezone. Print current UTC time: date -u +"It's %F %T UTC"

Where: IRC #mediagoblin on

Always announced several days in advance on the mailing list as is date adjustments, agenda discussion and other meeting preparation.

Purpose: The idea is to discuss the past month, what happened, what was good, what should be done better. And to create roadmap for the upcoming month and assign tasks to people willing to handle them.

Typical Agenda topics:

  • What happened in the last month, what was good, what could be better next time?
  • What should be done next month?

Meetings are logged. Logs for past meetings.

Next Meeting

July 7th, 2012, 9:00 am Pacific Time (2012-07-07 16:00 UTC)

No agenda, yet.

Past Meetings

June 2nd, 2012, 9:00 am Pacific Time

IRC log

  • docs changes
    • Will split the docs/ guide into a Site Administrator's Guide and a Plugin Writer's Guide
    • Has anyone looked at the Plugin Writer's Guide, yet?
    • Will wants to add a "Contributor's Guide" to docs/ which he'd update from the wiki before every release
  • Is there a way to improve our unit tests and motivation to write them?
    • Simulating a browser by the way of PhantomJS, Selenium instead of having code simulating other code against itself might be more natural to write and even more testing the actual application. I have a good feeling about this, please prove me wrong if I'd be. --Joar 08:53, 28 May 2012 (EDT)
  • Administrative panel/tools and user uploads panel
  • Git and tickets
  • Plugins
    • What's the state of things?
    • Documentation
    • What plugins might we want to build for this upcoming release?
    • What things do we currently have that we might want to pluginify?
  • State of kuneco/federation mini-update (Chris)

May 5th, 2012, 9:00 am Pacific Time

IRC log

  • Post-release reflections
    • Woohoo, release!
    • How did this release process go?
      • We should talk about that conference.
    • What's left to clean up?
      • Mongokit->SQL "style" query conversion?
      • Other cruft code?
  • What are our next goals?
    • Plugins
    • Federation
    • Favoriting
      • Take that, Pinterest! ;)
    • Galleries
    • Theming
      • Using sass would be neat
    • Access restrictions
      • User management, or having a "secret url" that is not in the photo index that you can share with friends and generate as needed for any media type
    • What about traffic? Some of us will host GMG on limited plans.
    • Some kind of coding guidelines? Do we have a philosophy like "Keep it Simple, Stupid"
      • This concerns things like: Should plugins land in core eventually, do we want to support ALL THE MEDIA TYPES, ...
    • Podcasting support?
    • Things that have been hanging???
    • Bugtrackers and milestone?
    • More??? We should organize things!
  • jancborchardt and his team of UX wizard-students
  • Website redesign
  • OpenShift?

April 7th, 2012, 4:00 am UTC

IRC log

  • Post-SQL stuff
  • Pending 0.0.3 release!
  • Are there stray patches/branches to be merged?
  • Our glorious upcoming plugin future! (Update from Will)

March 3rd, 2012, 9:00 am Pacific Time

IRC log

  • GSOC 2012
  • State of the SQL transition (preview: it's super close, but we need help!)
  • Plugin discussion (Will can't make this, but we should talk about use cases)
  • MediaGoblin at upcoming conferences
  • PageKite accounts

2012-02 (held on 2012-02-04)

IRC log

Some of the decisions:

  • file an issue about proper <audio> support.
  • some TODOs recorded

2011-12 (held on 2011-12-03)

IRC log

  • We plan to create a plugin system. Do we want to create that soon or push it off until things settle a bit more? (Willkg 08:54, 10 November 2011 (EST))
  • Feature Ideas: What should we do about the wiki page? Keep it and have it as a monthly topic for "what next"? Convert everything to long waiting bugs?
  • Possibility of an SQL Database Backend?
    'executive summary' (well, you should read the long docs): "We could move to sql. It's probably replacing one type of pain by another type of pain, but those are somewhat comparable. Leaving the main question: Do we want to occupy our main devs for some long time with this task and loose momentum?"
  • Schendje's activities proposal
  • "Coming up next" blogpost draft by Deb Nicholson
  • Jef's requests:
    • Ticket #466 "Use of "Submit" in site copy is sterile and not as friendly and welcoming as it could be". I'd really like to change this soon to something more suitable. How can we improve the wording here? Some alternatives have been mentioned in the bug report, but which one should we pick? Link:
    • The concept and naming of "favourites". We'll (hopefully) be able to "favourite" media soon, which I *think* means that 1) it'll work like a "I like this" comment, a quick token of appreciation, 2) it'll be added to your list of favourites so you can save and promote it, and 3) we could maybe use the number of favourites as a ranking. What I'd like to know is: is that the intended purpose? If so, should we name them favo(u)rites or something else? "Like", "love", "save", "appreciate", "heart", "high five" and many more could all be contenders. And the name should be consistent with the action and purpose, of course. So I'd like to clear up how and why we will use favourites and what we should call them.

2011-11 (held on 2011-11-05)

IRC log

  • What happened in the last month, what was good, what could be better next time?
    • Release:
      • Good: 0.1.0 released!
      • Bad: postponing vs not postponing
    • Sites and deployment documentation:
      • Good: new
      • Good: deployment documentation
      • Bad: py-bcrypt’s site was down just after the release, so the virtualenv deployment didn’t work, and it wasn’t clear how to fix it.
    • Live instances:
      • Joar has a live instance!
      • But what does it mean? Should ordinary users start using it?
      • nyergler added a note about "heartbeat"/status to API notes
  • What should be done next month?
  • Starting real work on federation (via OStatus)... and do we split any of this work out into its own library?
  • An API
  • Creative Commons licensing tools
  • Merging in the multimedia/video branch
    (this is *very close* already actually thanks to the hard work of Joar Wandborg! But we need some help on the gstreamer front to fix a few issues... if you or someone you know is an expert in this area we could really use their help to make the videos that come out smoother!)
  • Rollover items from 0.1.0
  • Multiple file upload interface
  • Drag and drop uploads interface (probably related!)

2011-10 (held on 2011-10-01)

IRC log

This month's meeting was a quickly announced short meeting. The project is getting back on track and next month's meeting will be scheduled more properly. A bunch of people were around.

The most important decisions:

  • The project will keep monthly releases. They're the heartbeat of the project.
  • Release 0.1.0 this sunday/monday.
  • New website will hopefully be deployed in the next few days.
  • And the following things are planned to happen during this month: Most importantly federation. The developers have decided to make up their minds on what federation aactually should mean for MediaGoblin. Concerning code, probably "activity streams" are the first goal. If there is no (good) python library for this, a new stand alone library may be created. If so, a name for it has to be found. It should have something about communication in it. And the other thing to happen during this month is an ongoing discussion about "bus factor".

2011-09 (held on 2011-09-03)

IRC log

2011-08 (held on 2011-08-06)

IRC log