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Want to Join the MediaGoblin Community?

We’re really glad that you want to join the MediaGoblin community!

There are a variety of ways to help and support MediaGoblin and to join the team. If you want to code, great, if not, even better! MediaGoblin interested contributors in many different roles: users, system administrators, technical writers, testers, evangelists, UI/UX and graphics designers, cheerleaders, and dreamers.

We observe the Django code of conduct. Be welcoming, friendly, and patient!

This wiki covers a variety of ways that you can get involved with MediaGoblin as well as instructions on how to get started.

Visit MediaGoblin Live Instances

Browse MediaGoblin live instances, add new ones and comment on those that appear to be down.

How Can you help ?

File Bugs / Triage Bugs

Issue reports are critical for all projects. Identified bugs give developers a basis for beginning work, and providing an idea of what features and issues are most important to users and the overall usability of the software. If you identify errors, flaws, unexpected behaviors, or deficits that impede use, file a bug.

Send Encouragement / Spread the Word

Sometimes, a nice word, simple encouragement, and interest in the work we’re doing is enough to inspire a tizzy of productive work. Just a bit more interest and encouragement can even make the difference between a complete feature and limited functionality; between a completed milestone and lost momentum.

Similarly, MediaGoblin, and the movement for free network services, is always in need of encouragement. Use free network services, understand the principals behind the movement, be able to articulate the benefits of free network services and the problems with psudo-free applications that don’t respect the users’ freedom.

Write a blog post, post a status update, drop by the listserv or join #mediagoblin on and let us know. See our join page for links.

Write Documentation / Edit Documentation

  • ManualStandards - covers the standards for writing the user manual (forthcoming.)

Test MediaGoblin

Do you have access to the web? Do you like sharing your opinions? If so, we need your help to test MediaGoblin! Testers play around with the current test instance, note what operating system and browser they use (notes on multiple set-ups are also helpful) and take some notes. That's it! It's a very important task that doesn't require any special knowledge and you're done in under an hour. Ready to help?

Translate MediaGoblin

If you know English and another language and feel comfortable translating elements of the interface or even the documentation, we’d love to have help translating the software and resources. Translating MediaGoblin is very easy with a web interface, so there is no programming knowledge required at all.

  • Translations - How to translate stuff or update the translations

Run your own MediaGoblin Instance

Are there things about our instance you want to change? Are there things about other instances you wish were different? Want to test upcoming changes? Want to create patches to implement things you need? That’s great—you can run your own instance!

The primary documentation for this is at but here are some additional tips:

Technical project documentation

The technical docs, that are more finished and the ones that are better maintained near the code (so they stay up to date) are in the more technical chapters of the main documentation.

Write Code / Fix Code

MediaGoblin development is premised on the idea that the entire interface for the platform be completely theme-able. If you have a design or theming background, consider developing themes for MediaGoblin. New themes help test the theming system, provide attractive and appealing interfaces for prospective users. If you want to start a new theme but don’t know where to start, touch base with the development community on the list or in the IRC channel for more information.

If you are a coder and you would like to write code, the repository is hosted on gitorious. Clone or fork the repository and start poking around. Become familiar with this manual for an overview of how the software works and is used. Consider the contributor wiki for more information about the project, our preferred methods, and guides for developing MediaGoblin. We even have tips on becoming a coder and we’re willing to help!

Write a plugin

If you start, you'll find some basic documentation in the docs site

You've made a plugin ? List it here :

Available plugins

You've written a plugin ? You got some tips to share ? A tutorial idea ? Please do :

Plugins Tips

Android client

See Android Client

Inner workings of the secret sanctum