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These are public sites running GNU MediaGoblin:

Registration or uploads currently completely disabled:

Not working?

  • -- Registration disabled. Unreachable as of 2020-04 due to HSTS and expired certificate. Supports Pictures, Music and Videos. Alternatively it is also available as a Tor hidden service/Onion Service.
  • -- Deleted as of 2020-04. Registration disabled as of 2017-10. Images and video enabled.
  • (not running as of 13 Oct 2014) -- IsengaaraP's mediahub for sharing eCantorix songs and コスプレ photos.
  • -- "EricFontaineJazZmediagoblIN" is for me to archive recordings of music performances of me and my fellow musicians. [25/01/2016 : it is a ownCloud instance]
  • ("502 Bad Gateway" as of 11 Jan 2016; hosted media are accessible) -- Currently registration and video are disabled; you have to ping Chris Webber for an invite.
  • (previously -- Registration open, but uploads are currently broken (help fixing is welcome!); all media types enabled (except STL/3D, at the moment) -- details; Joar/
    Your browser may not trust the certificate authority:
  • - Registration by request, but new requests are welcome!! Contact j1mc on IRC / Jim Campbell (jcampbell - ate - gnome - dot - org) for an account. Supports pictures, raw images, video, & partly supports 3d printing schemas (fancy, live Blender rending doesn't work with Rackspace Cloud files).
  • -- Registration open. Images, video, audio, raw images, ascii art, stl models, and pdf enabled.
  • -- Registration disabled. This is mainly a showcase for development of the MG-GIMP project (a Mediagoblin plug-in that permits hosting of GIMP images and resources).


These are instances run by organizations, usually having registration limited to organization members:

  • -- Fundația Ceata, Romanian Free Software and Free Culture activist organization. Registration is currently disabled.
  • -- Repository for handling media at Sistema de Bibliotecas Públicas de Medellín (SBPM), installed as part of the biibliolabs project which aimed at exploring open source software and open licenses for knowledge management for public libraries in Medellín, Colombia, South America

Not Working?

  • -- Media repository (documents, videos, images) for Tel Aviv Makers ( /, a hackerspace in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lots of random stuff.
  • -- Material from Mídia Capoeira, a brazilian independent journalism initiative which promotes tactical-radical mediactivism. Registrations are open to facilitate non-identifiable uploads and leaked material. (down since august 15. Down notice - in portuguese)


Also, these sites are running MediaGoblin, but are for more limited audiences (family/friends of person who's running it, etc):

Not working?

  • maiki’s baby photo site (can't connect on 20 Dec 2015)
  • spaetz' private pics (502 Bad Gateway on 20 Dec 2015) Sebastian Spaeth's pictures, family and stuff (registration closed)
  • (Server not found on 20 Dec 2015) Dick Thomas' pictures, family and stuff (registration closed)
  • (Server not found on 20 Dec 2015) Giri Alam's pictures, family and stuff (registration closed)
  • (does not open on 31 Dec 2015) Run in a Raspberry-pi by Arder Vegan (registration closed)
  • (Server not found on 20 Dec 2015) Run in a Raspberry-pi by Arder Vegan (registration closed)
  • [1] (can't connect on 31 Dec 2015) Pictures and music from Charles Pehlivanian, hosted on a Raspberry Pi.
  • (no GMG on 20 Dec 2015) Photos by Anton Katsarov (registration closed)
  • (Server not found on 20 Dec 2015) Artwork and photos from Sean Tilley, who writes MediaGoblin themes for fun.

You can add your instance here, too!