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== Subtitles support ==
== Subtitles support ==
For video and audio.
For video and audio.

== Links in Videos/photos ==

== A way for a reader to see thumbnails/resized versions in other sizes ==
== A way for a reader to see thumbnails/resized versions in other sizes ==
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== Tag clouds ==
== Tag clouds ==
(maybe a small feature?)
(maybe a small feature?)

== Ideas on very important but undefined stuff ==
* Something about search? Just putting it here, because there is nothing we usually recommend when people ask about it, while obviously that's what is missing on most GMG sites.


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We are hoping to participate in GSOC 2014 under the GNU umbrella.

Possible projects

Gstreamer audio/video code cleanup

Investigate and fix the issues with thumbnailing in the video processing pipeline. Investigate the rest of the gstreamer code, clean up and document.

Show progress on gstreamer pipeline.

Processing panel improvements

Could be combined with the above.

Better indication of the status of media processing. This includes better representation of current processing progress, as well as representation of possible errors.

Client-side audio rendering

This one's a low-maybe on priorities, compared to others. The goal is to make it themable.

Switch the audio spectrogram rendering to be done on the user's end. During processing, the relevant data should be extracted and stored as metadata, but should be presented to the user.

(Could possibly be combined with the above two; student should talk to paroneayea on IRC before doing so and also get some sense of the existing processing code)

Port migrations to Alembic

Currently we use sqlalchemy-migrate, but it's fairly outdated and unmaintained

Port the migration infrastructure to using Alembic instead.

This includes making sure that sqlite can be continued to be used with MediaGoblin's migrations (which may require working on some upstream contributions... this is unclear at the time of writing).

Podcasting support / new feed library?

Switch to or write a new feed library that is capable of handling enclosures and port MediaGoblin to it.

Media embedding and OEmbed support

Subtitles support

For video and audio.

A way for a reader to see thumbnails/resized versions in other sizes

Generating multiple versions, like Flickr or MediaWiki can.

Enable "favoriting" of media (compat see also: "Favoriting across instances" )


Python 3 port

Port all of MediaGoblin's code to python 3: