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Chris Webber on "Why Python":

Because I know Python, love Python, am capable of actually making this thing happen in Python (I've worked on a lot of large free software web applications before in Python, including Miro Community the Miro Guide a large portion of Creative Commons and a whole bunch of things while working at Imaginary Landscape). Me starting a project like this makes sense if it's done in Python.

Why not...

You might say that PHP is way more deployable, that Rails has way more cool developers riding around on fixie bikes---and all of those things are true. But I know Python, like Python, and think that Python is pretty great. I do think that deployment in Python is not as good as with PHP, but I think the days of shared hosting are (thankfully) coming to an end, and will probably be replaced by cheap virtual machines spun up on the fly for people who want that sort of stuff, and Python will be a huge part of that future, maybe even more than PHP will. The deployment tools are getting better. Maybe we can use something like Silver Lining. Maybe we can just distribute as .debs or .rpms. We'll figure it out when we get there.

Regardless, if I'm starting this project, which I am, it's gonna be in Python.