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Chris Webber and Will Kahn-Greene on "Why GNU MediaGoblin":

Chris came up with the name MediaGoblin. The name is pretty fun. It merges the idea that this is a Media hosting project with Goblin which sort of sounds like gobbling. Here's a piece of software that gobbles up your media for all to see.

According to Wikipedia, a goblin is:

"A legendary evil or mischievous illiterate creature, described
as grotesquely evil or evil-like phantom"

So are we evil? No. Are we mischievous or illiterate? Not really. So what kind of goblin are we thinking about? We're thinking about these goblins:

Cute goblin with a beret. Illustrated by Chris Webber
Snuggly goblin. Illustrated by Karen Rustad


Those are pretty cute goblins. Those are the kinds of goblins we're thinking about.

Why GNU?

Chris started doing work on the project after thinking about it for a year. Then, after talking with Matt and Rob, it became an official GNU project. Thus we now call it GNU MediaGoblin.


That's a lot of letters, though, so in the interest of brevity and facilitating easier casual conversation and balancing that with what's important to us, we have the following rules:

  1. "GNU MediaGoblin" is the name we're going to use in all official capacities: web site, documentation, press releases.
  2. In casual conversation, it's ok to use more casual names.
  3. If you're writing about the project, we ask that you call it GNU MediaGoblin.
  4. If you don't like the name, we kindly ask you to take a deep breath, think a happy thought about cute little goblins playing on a playground and taking cute pictures of themselves, and let it go (Will added this one.)