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Openx support

Here I am going to write all the stuff about a feature proposal.


I hate ads.

But if we are going to have a server with thousands of users all day uploading pics, we need to have income.

Thinking federated, people who wish to run their web server may wish to do it for money.

What is OpenX?

Previously known as openAds, it is a software that manages and serves banners and other kind of ads. It is open source, of course (though there is a proprietary version too).

How does it work?

You need to have openx installed somewhere, or use openx hosted, a multiuser site. There, you define Advisers, Campaigns (inside Advisers) and banners (inside Campaigns) on one hand, and on the other hand you define Websites, and Zones in them. Then, you put some banners inside each zone.

Each zone has an invocation code, a piece of HTML you put where you want in your website. The invocation code makes the banner appear, and do the neccesary accounting.

What do we do?



  • The HTML code in the desired area.

Why OpenX?

Because it is the better free advertising server I know of. If you know of another option, let me know.


  • For sure this must be a plugin. Any work done must be very modular and enough flexible to be adapted to the upcoming plugin infraestructure, whichever form it takes.
  • I don't know gmg enough to say, but maybe page areas must be defined. Anyway, page areas will have to exist when a plugin infaestructure arrives.


I would like to take this work, but take it really "long term" (before, I need to learn more about gmg and even Python). I would do it in a separate branch avoiding merge until there is something interesting and useful.

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