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With the SQL transition underway, on my Debian stable system, I had to install the python-sqlalchemy and python-sqlalchemy-ext packages to make MediaGoblin go. IRC advised me to get them from backports, which I did, and that's worked out, although there are packages in stable too -- not sure if they're new enough. Either way, should instructions about this be added to the documentation now? Or is a temporary transition thing? --Brett 09:18, 31 March 2012 (EDT)

When using a virtualenv, these are downloaded for you in ./bin/python develop --upgrade

I followed the setup guide on this wikipage, on Manjaro which is more or less a fork of arch. Additionally to the requirements listet under the Headline Arch/Parabola I needed to install npm to be able to run make without errors. I don't know if npm is installed on a fresh arch installation but it should be save to add it on the wikipage.

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