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All bout Chimo!

Mediagoblin Stuffs

(in progress, but usable)

Feedback Required

So I started working on batch-uploading and drag-and-drop support.

Here's how it looks so far
(keep in mind I haven't put much effort in the design, since I wanted to discuss it first)

  1. On page load
  2. Images added (via 'browse' or drag-and-drop)
  3. After clicking the 'Add' button

Right now, the information filled in the fields (title, tags) will be applied to all images.

Some of my comments/questions:

  • The 'preview' area is pretty narrow (.form_box_xl {width: 460px;})
  • Do we even want the 'file size' there? (If so, it should probably be using this format: 4.12kB, 3.77MB, etc.)
  • Should we automatically redirect to the user profile if all file uploads are successful? (this is the current single-file upload behavior)
  • Should we have a mechanism to allow the input of different metadata (title, tags) for different files? What should this look like?

Other mockups