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MediaGoblin currently uses MongoDB as its database backend. There have been various reasons for this decision (link). Still, the idea of an SQL backend is coming up from time to time.


The existence of this wiki page does not give any evidence of the SQL backend getting developed soon!


Even an experimental implementation of an SQL backend, that will only support basic features will need a good amount of time/energy from some (core) developers. That time/energy will not be available to other projects.

  • Some knowing sqlalchemy is needed.
  • Someone having a good idea on the thin db layer is needed (Elrond will most likely be available for helping)
  • Someone having an idea on the current queries used in the code is needed too.

Development models

  1. Long term branch: Develop an SQL replacement in a long term branch. The good: Anything can be changed as needed. Not so good: Some people dislike long term branches for various reasons.
  2. Trying to develop this alongside the current backend, in tree.