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There are many features that one can think of for MediaGoblin. Some should be implemented really soon, because they are needed right now. Other features would be nice to have, but are currently really hard to implement. And finally there are the Feature Ideas that can be classified as "brain storming".

This wiki page is mostly for long term feature ideas. This specifically means there are no promises that anything listed here will ever happen. It means nobody is currently working on this feature.

If you have an idea for a new feature, that is not listed here or in the Bug Tracker, please talk to some developers, or add it below in the "Yet Unsorted Ideas" section. If you really think, that your idea is extremely important and needs to be acted upon soon, you could file a bug.

The List

If there is a bug (closed or open), please link to it.

Yet Unsorted Ideas

Put your new ideas here:

Long term things that might happen

  • "trans-tagging": Adding tags to other peoples media #584