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MediaGoblin is a community project and we everybody try to help each other. Chris Webber is our lead developer, but the project should be able to self govern so he can take a break if he needs it or when he or other contributors take deserved holidays :)

In general, you can ask anything in the mailing list or the IRC channel and hopefully somebody will answer soon. Topics are discussed in the mailing list, IRC channel or monthly meetings (in the IRC channel).

In this page we list several tasks or areas along with the names or nicks of MediaGoblin community members that may help on them (for example, because they have permissions to perform certain operations). Please be kind when asking for help, most of us are volunteering for MediaGoblin in our free time, so answers or problems resolution can take a while.

Feel free to edit this page to list more tasks or sign the ones you self-assign.

More information about this in this mailing list thread:

MediaGoblin codebase

  • People with permissions to commit/merge and handle the main codebase

MediaGoblin website

  • People with permissions to handle website outages
  • Publish pages (for example new releases)

MediaGoblin wiki

  • Wiki administration

MediaGoblin issue tracker

  • Help triaging bugs:
  • People with permissions to create accounts in trac
  • People with permissions to delete users/issues/comments in trac (spam cleaning)

MediaGoblin translation platform

  • If there is need of manual import/export files between Pootle and the MediaGoblin codebase, who can help on that

MediaGoblin IRC channel and mailing list

  • Change IRC topic, channel operators