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[18:02] <chaosgoblin> ######################

[18:02] <chaosgoblin> Meeting started Sat Mar  5 17:02:14 2016 UTC.  
The chair is paroneayea. 
Information about the meeting agenda at http://wiki.mediagoblin.org/Meeting#Next_Meeting

[18:02] <chaosgoblin> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #info #idea #link #topic.

[18:02] <paroneayea> there we go

[18:02] <paroneayea> hello everyone!

[18:02] <ayleph> o/

[18:02] -*- tsyesika waves

[18:02] <paroneayea> :)

[18:03] -*- ersi waves

[18:03] <paroneayea> https://wiki.mediagoblin.org/Meeting#Next_Meeting here's the current agenda!

[18:03] <chaosgoblin> Title: Meeting - GNU MediaGoblin Wiki (at wiki.mediagoblin.org)

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[18:03] <paroneayea> feel free to add something, though let us know

[18:03] <paroneayea> #topic  0.9.0 release (imminent!)

[18:04] <paroneayea> so, we're actually close on this

[18:04] <paroneayea> on the code side, it's mostly the Alembic + plugins issue which is holding us up, 
which I hope to deal with this weekend

[18:04] -*- tsyesika adds things

[18:04] <paroneayea> on the PR side, I sent Deb an outline for the blogpost, we'll talk monday, 
and the release art is done

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[18:05] <paroneayea> though I did it on paper and there isn't a good scanner here ;)

[18:05] <paroneayea> oh well!  release art may be a bit grainy looking till I get home

[18:05] <ayleph> My only outstanding ticket on 0.9.0 is #5376 
and I've just pushed a couple more fixes for it. 
I've changed the ticket severity for the remaining task. 
If we went ahead and released without fixing the very last bit of #5376, 
I'd be okay addressing it later.

[18:05] <paroneayea> https://wiki.mediagoblin.org/Meeting#Next_Meeting

[18:05] <chaosgoblin> Title: Meeting - GNU MediaGoblin Wiki (at wiki.mediagoblin.org)

[18:06] <paroneayea> great ayleph

[18:06] <paroneayea> so I got distracted because I gave a talk yesterday, 
but now that that's over, this weekend is devoted to the plugin stuff for me

[18:06] <paroneayea> I've made *some* headway

[18:06] <paroneayea> here's what I'm thinking though:

[18:07] <paroneayea> I don't think merging this is necessary for the release, 
because it's kind of a feature, but proving that we have a way forward 
with something to merge after 0.9.0 is out

[18:07] <paroneayea> *is* necessary

[18:07] <paroneayea> I think it might be safer to merge after 0.9.0 
since 0.9.0's migrations work and adding such a big thing 
so close to release might do something unexpected

[18:07] <paroneayea> what do people think?

[18:07] <tsyesika> err

[18:08] <paroneayea> tsyesika does not agree ;)

[18:08] <tsyesika> the alembic migrations + plugins?

[18:08] <paroneayea> tsyesika: yes

[18:08] <tsyesika> I think we should do it prior

[18:08] <tsyesika> and we should also have alembic making the initial database, 
it causes problems if we don't

[18:09] <paroneayea> tsyesika: ok... well, I'll try for having that ready to merge this weekend.  
Maybe we should look at the code and check in on Monday?

[18:09] <paroneayea> hopefully it can be ready by then!

[18:09] <tsyesika> i think it's important to have this merged

[18:10] <paroneayea> you're probably right, I'm just nervous 
about doing the wrong thing so close to release :\

[18:10] <tsyesika> currently we have a bug where if an alembic migration makes structural changes 
it errors as the db is initiated from models.py so at the very least that needs fixing

[18:10] <tsyesika> but i think the plugins alembic migration should be added too 
then we can scrap the sqlalchemy generation based of models.py

[18:11] <paroneayea> tsyesika: okay, yeah that's a blocker I suppose

[18:11] <paroneayea> okay, I'll do my best this weekend.

[18:11] <paroneayea> is there anything else to say on the release then?

[18:12] <ayleph> I wanted to throw something out there

[18:12] <tsyesika> don't think so, if you can't get it done this weekend, push the release back a few days

[18:12] <ayleph> I've added some fixes for the blog mediatype

[18:12] <paroneayea> ayleph: shoot

[18:12] <paroneayea> ayleph: ah yeah

[18:12] <ayleph> i haven't marked it with 0.9.0 yet

[18:12] <paroneayea> ayleph: I'm okay with blog fixes being merged

[18:12] <ayleph> it's got a migration (my first), and it's dead simple, but it's something to be aware of if we merge

[18:12] <paroneayea> ayleph: ah yeah... hm!  this might be tricky

[18:13] <paroneayea> because of the forementioned alembic + plugins thing

[18:13] <paroneayea> I'd say hold off till after release, if that's ok?

[18:13] <ayleph> absolutely

[18:13] <paroneayea> cool.

[18:13] <paroneayea> oh, there's one more thing I wanted to bring up on the plugin migrations front

[18:14] <paroneayea> there are really two paths: doing things the way we did with sqlalchemy-migrate 
where plugins are treated kind of as their own applications (if that's possible...)

[18:14] <paroneayea> or using the "branching" feature of alembic

[18:14] <paroneayea> the branching feature is probably a better route

[18:14] <ayleph> actually, i think that maybe i did the migration wrong...
i added it in the normal migrations path, not in the plugin migrations path. 
didn't think about that.

[18:14] <paroneayea> though it's warned heavily that it's "beta"

[18:14] <paroneayea> ayleph: ah yeah, it should be in the plugin migrations stuff.  Hold off on it!

[18:14] <ayleph> roger

[18:15] <paroneayea> I guess which route to take requires more investigation by me this weekend?

[18:16] <paroneayea> hopefully this can be resolved with a clear solution fast

[18:16] <paroneayea> ok!  should we go onto the next topic?

[18:16] <ayleph> I'm afraid this is beyond my experience enough that I can't make a useful contribution

[18:16] <ayleph> regarding choosing which way forward

[18:16] <paroneayea> ok

[18:16] <paroneayea> we'll see then!

[18:16] <paroneayea> I know some other people are doing plugins + branching

[18:16] <paroneayea> so it's probably good enough to go that route

[18:17] <paroneayea> ok.

[18:17] <paroneayea> next item!

[18:17] <paroneayea> #topic GSoC

[18:18] <paroneayea> so, I guess the most important question I have on this one is, 
is anyone else interested in mentoring? :)

[18:18] <paroneayea> right now breton and I are listed https://wiki.mediagoblin.org/GSOC_2016

[18:18] <chaosgoblin> Title: GSOC 2016 - GNU MediaGoblin Wiki (at wiki.mediagoblin.org)

[18:18] <tsyesika> i have no idea how busy i will be yet, when's the deadline

[18:19] <paroneayea> https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/timeline

[18:19] <chaosgoblin> Title: Google Summer of Code 2016 Timeline | Google Summer of Code 
| Google Developers (at developers.google.com)

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[18:19] <fdhj> any have a pluc service with mediaglobin ?

[18:19] <paroneayea> not sure what the deadline is for mentors, though I guess ideally before March 14th

[18:19] <paroneayea> fdhj: we're in a meeting, though I don't know what that is

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[18:20] <tsyesika> ah, probably won't know so don't want to put myself down 
in case i won't be able to take the role

[18:20] <tsyesika> maybe next year though :)

[18:20] <paroneayea> tsyesika: totally justified

[18:20] <paroneayea> ok, well if you're interested, you can aldo contact me

[18:20] <paroneayea> also

[18:20] <fdhj> sorry

[18:20] <paroneayea> fdhj: no worries!

[18:20] <fdhj> public service

[18:21] <paroneayea> does anyone else have anything to bring up on gsoc?

[18:21] <paroneayea> or should we move on?

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[18:23] <paroneayea> guess not :)

[18:23] <paroneayea> so move on!

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[18:23] <paroneayea> #topic Federation mini-update

[18:23] <paroneayea> this one's all tsyesika

[18:23] <paroneayea> take it away!

[18:23] <tsyesika> :)

[18:24] <tsyesika> well a lot of progress has been made and If you've been following me on pump 
and in places I've shown some pictures but federation is coming along

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[18:24] <tsyesika> We've now got to the stage where you can specify the audience on the upload form 
and it automatically federates to both remote and local users

[18:25] <tsyesika> we also this week I got some code in place to do some federation back 
(http://tsyesika.se/something_cool.png shows comment federation from pump.io to mediagoblin)

[18:25] <tsyesika> I'm aiming to get this to a mergable point in the next few days 
so it can be merged after 0.9.0 but before next weekend

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[18:26] <tsyesika> I'll appriciate lots of testing once it has been merged :)

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[18:27] <paroneayea> :) :)

[18:27] <paroneayea> \o/

[18:27] <tsyesika> :)

[18:27] <paroneayea> you are doing amazing work tsyesika

[18:27] <paroneayea> thanks for all your hard effort

[18:27] <tsyesika> no problem :) It

[18:27] <tsyesika> * I'm glad it's all coming together

[18:27] <paroneayea> me too!

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[18:28] <paroneayea> cool, anyone have questions on federation?

[18:28] <ayleph> what pump client has tsyesika been using for testing lately?

[18:28] <tsyesika> pumpa

[18:28] -*- ayleph has had trouble getting dianara and pumpa to connect recently

[18:29] <ayleph> okay cool. maybe something on my end then.

[18:29] <paroneayea> ayleph: what server are you on?

[18:29] <paroneayea> microca.st has been down for me

[18:29] <tsyesika> ayleph: apache by default strips the Authorization header, 
there is an extra config header you need to specify to stop it doing that

[18:29] <paroneayea> oh

[18:29] <paroneayea> you mean for mediagoblin testing ;)

[18:29] <paroneayea> har

[18:29] <paroneayea> har

[18:29] <ayleph> paroneayea: Oh, I run my own pump server which works fine for me 
(if I rememeber to enable it), but yeah, I mean mediagoblin testing :)

[18:29] -*- paroneayea a dope :)

[18:30] <tsyesika> also when people do test, federation to some pump.io servers might not work 
until the next pump.io release as I had to fix a bug in pump :)

[18:30] <tsyesika> but the fix is in master so all is well if you run from that

[18:30] <ayleph> tsyesika: I use lighttpd. I used to be able to connect to master with pumpa, 
but it's not working since i upgraded pumpa

[18:30] <tsyesika> hm

[18:30] <tsyesika> interesting

[18:30] <tsyesika> ayleph: file a bug, i'll see if i can track it down once i've finished up 
with the federation stuff

[18:30] <ayleph> sounds good

[18:33] <paroneayea> woo

[18:33] <paroneayea> so, anything else?

[18:33] <paroneayea> also tsyesika it sounded like you had something you wanted to discuss?

[18:33] <paroneayea> maybe I misread!

[18:33] <tsyesika> I'd like to bring up that both me and paroneayea will be at LP :)

[18:33] <paroneayea> oh yes!

[18:33] <paroneayea> we will!

[18:33] <paroneayea> LP == LibrePlanet

[18:33] <ayleph> when and where is that?

[18:34] <tsyesika> https://libreplanet.org/2016/ (March 19th to 20th at MIT, MA)

[18:34] <chaosgoblin> Title: LibrePlanet 2016 (at libreplanet.org)

[18:34] <ayleph> oh, that's just a couple weeks away. cool

[18:34] <paroneayea> yeah

[18:34] <paroneayea> I'll be speaking with davexunit, too

[18:35] <paroneayea> about "Solving the deployment crisis with GNU Guix"

[18:37] <paroneayea> so!

[18:37] <paroneayea> maybe see some of you there?

[18:37] <paroneayea> and with that, I think we're at meeting end?

[18:37] -*- tsyesika nods

[18:37] <paroneayea> thanks everyone for coming! :)

[18:38] <paroneayea> and let's end the meeting with an ascii art version of a ghost cat

[18:38] <paroneayea>   /\/\

[18:38] <paroneayea>  ( o_o)

[18:38] <paroneayea>  ( >   >

[18:38] <paroneayea> ~ ----

[18:38] <paroneayea> booo!

[18:38] <paroneayea> horray for ghosts! (boo!)

[18:38] <biotedd> miaouu

[18:38] <paroneayea> #endmeeting

[18:38] <chaosgoblin> Meeting ended Sat Mar  5 17:38:47 2016 UTC.  
Minutes:        http://mediagoblin.org/irclogs/irc_meeting-2016-03-05.html

[18:38] <chaosgoblin> Minutes (text): http://mediagoblin.org/irclogs/irc_meeting-2016-03-05.txt

[18:38] <chaosgoblin> Log:            http://mediagoblin.org/irclogs/irc_meeting-2016-03-05.log.html

[18:38] <chaosgoblin> ######################