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For translators

You can translate our tools at Transifex:

Note: please don't translate the words "MediaGoblin" or "GNU" into your native language. Those words should be retained as-is for branding reasons. :)

For developers

Marking strings for translation

In Jinja2


Mostly like Django template i18n support, if you have any experience with that.

In python code

from mediagoblin.util import pass_to_ugettext as _

def some_func(something):
    return _(u'This string would tooootally be translatable now.')

Extracting translations

If you run buildout it should create a script called 'pybabel'. Use it to extract translations like so:

./bin/pybabel extract -F babel.ini -o mediagoblin/i18n/en/LC_MESSAGES/mediagoblin.po .

Compiling translations

./bin/pybabel compile -D mediagoblin -d mediagoblin/i18n/

Pulling translations from Transifex

Unfortunately until the next release of transifex-client which has been patched to have proper entry points, you have to run transifex-client from a virtualenv or from site-packages. But assuming that's done, pulling translations is easy:

tx pull -a

Pushing new translations to Transifex

tx push -s
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