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Steps to release

Here's the list of steps to do a release.


Pre-release checklist:

  1. Update AUTHORS file
    1. check git commits
    2. ask on mailing list
    3. other ways?
  2. Update documentation
    1. update README
    2. update docs/source/siteadmin/relnotes.rst
    3. update install guide
    4. other things?

Release checklist:

  1. Verify with others on IRC that we're good to go.
  2. Do a git fetch and make sure you have the latest code.
  3. Do a ./devtools/ and make sure you have the latest translations.
  4. Do a ./devtools/ -dr HEAD to make sure building the docs and tarball works. If any errors, proceed no further!
  5. Do a git clean -fdx to wipe all non-repository files out (THIS DELETES EVERYTHING), go through hacking howto to reinstall.
  6. Run the unit tests: ./ If any tests fail, proceed no further!
  7. Update version numbers in mediaboglin/
  8. Tag: git tag -a vX.Y.Z (consider --sign to create a signed tag).
  9. Push the tag to origin: git push origin vX.Y.Z
  10. Update stable branch to current release and push to origin
  11. Build the tarfile. ./devtools/ -r vX.Y.Z (Note, you may have to do this in a virtualenv... source bin/activate before running)
  12. Push the tarball to the web-site: add tarball to site/static/download/ directory in mediagoblin-website repository and then push the site live
  13. Update on PYPI - ./bin/python sdist bdist_egg upload


  1. Blog post
    • Chris sends Deb technical highlights
    • Deb drafts post
    • Chris adds screenshots/links
    • We send the post to press contacts
    • Two days later we publish everywhere (see below)

Places we Update

    • on
    • on diaspora
    • on Facebook (Deb)
    • on Twitter
    • our mailing list, encouraging people to fave, like, repost, etc.
    • reddit
    • digg
    • the GNU mailing list, aka "plain text is greatly preferred" omit screenshots or replace with links.

Press Contacts

    • write to Zonker
    • LinuxJournal
    • LWN
    • see if the FSF will blog or announce

Post release process

  1. change version number to the next one + -dev in files listed above
  2. add new milestone to Trac