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MediaGoblin Monthly Meeting

At the beginning of each month there is an IRC meeting. The idea is to discuss the past month, what happened, what was good, what should be done better. And to create roadmap for the upcoming month and assign tasks to people willing to handle them.

Upcoming and Recent Meetings

2011-11 (upcoming: 2011-11-05)

Scheduled for 2011-11-05 16:00:00 UTC.

Preliminary Agenda:

  • What happened in the last month, what was good, what could be better next time?
  • What should be done next month?
  • Possibility of an SQL Database Backend?

2011-10 (held on 2011-10-01)

This month's meeting was a quickly announced short meeting. The project is getting back on track and next month's meeting will be scheduled more properly. A bunch of people were around.

The most important decisions:

  • The project will keep monthly releases. They're the heartbeat of the project.
  • Release 0.1.0 this sunday/monday.
  • New website will hopefully be deployed in the next few days.
  • And the following things are planned to happen during this month: Most importantly federation. The developers have decided to make up their minds on what federation aactually should mean for MediaGoblin. Concerning code, probably "activity streams" are the first goal. If there is no (good) python library for this, a new stand alone library may be created. If so, a name for it has to be found. It should have something about communication in it. And the other thing to happen during this month is an ongoing discussion about "bus factor".

2011-09 (held on 2011-09-03)

2011-08 (held on 2011-08-06)