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GNU MediaGoblin wiki of bizarre and unusual things

In this wiki you will find beasts the likes of which you have never laid eyes on before! Expand your imagination, ladies and gentlemen, and examine the errata in this corpus of knowledge. May it transform you and let you see the world in a new light forevermore.

Want to hack on GNU MediaGoblin?

  • HackingHowto - generally covers getting set up for hacking on GNU MediaGoblin
    • FIXME - add distribution/OS specific hacking guides as separate pages here
  • Translations - How to translate stuff or update the translations
  • UnitTests - all about the unit tests
  • Configure MediaGoblin - how to configure MediaGoblin for all your local needs.
  • Scaling Down - Minimizing MediaGoblin's resource requirements

Inner workings of the secret sanctum (aka project documentation)

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