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We are hoping to participate in GSOC 2015 under the GNU umbrella.

You may want to check for a "possible mentor" before applying for this topic. If you have your own idea, probably bring it up in #mediagoblin on!

How do I apply as a student?

Well, we need to be accepted as a mentoring org first :)

But then:

  • Submit your application. Please see the application submission template on the GNU GSoC guidelines page.
  • Join us on IRC and on our mailing lists.
  • Set up a development environment via our HackingHowto
  • If you have never done web development in python before, MediaGoblin is a pretty good place to start! However, we highly recommend going through the Django tutorial... this isn't a requirement, but it will help you be better prepared.
  • Work on a small task, and mention it in your application. The bitesized list is often helpful.
  • Also, be aware when submitting: Summer of Code applicants are expected to work 40 hours per week... so, a full time internship! If you propose, please be sure you are ready to make that level of commitment.

It's important that you communicate... most MediaGoblin communication happens on IRC, so you should join us there and discuss (#mediagoblin on! Please, please join our channel and introduce yourself. We'd love to hear from you!

Possible projects with mentors

Chunked uploads / multi-upload UI

We want to have multi-upload from cli (usecase: go to my directory with photos and upload them all) and from web-interface (using maybe zip, maybe html5 feature). There is already which might be what we need, so before choosing this task please verify.

Possible Mentors: Christopher Allan Webber

Podcast support / feed overhaul

Possible Mentors: Christopher Allan Webber

subtitle interface

Possible Mentors: Christopher Allan Webber, Boris Bobrov

We want subtitle support for our player. Subtitles should be supported as separate files and as embedded into video/audio files. Popular formats should be supported. Also, there can be multiple subtitles per video. It will require work on front-end and maybe some fixes to backend.

android UI making use of pump api

Have you ever seen instagram app? We want something similar using pump api.

Possible mentors: Boris Bobrov (clueless about android development though)

Possible projects, no mentors claimed yet

owncloud backend for mg (hmmmm)