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We are applying to be a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2012 this year.

At the time of writing we haven't been accepted yet, but here are some ideas the team had collected:

How do I apply as a student?

Well, we need to be accepted as a mentoring org first :)

But then:

  • Submit your application (details coming soon)
  • Join us on IRC and on our mailing lists
  • Set up a development environment via our HackingHowto

It's important that you communicate... most MediaGoblin communication happens on IRC, so you should join there and discuss!


  • More thorough tests; add test coverage script
  • Multi-file submission tool
  • Drag and drop file submission
  • LDAP or other central authentication system plugin
  • "podcast feed" support
  • Kuneco development (OStatus federatoin library)
    • Next generation lxml-based feed support
    • PubSubHubbub hub WSGI application
  • Improved commenting
    • Comment feeds
    • Notification about new comments
      • By e-mail
      • "you have a new comment"?

"ACL" — Access Control Lists

Short description: The idea basicly is: Some people only want to show some media to certain people. And possibly allow comments only from them.

Some details:

  • As OStatus isn't there yet, this all will be local only, for now.
  • Sketching up details of this will be part of the project.
  • Details might be things like:
    • Adding people to a group (say "family") first and only adding groups to a media's "viewing list".
    • Multiple permissions, like "view", "may comment", "may add tags", ...
  • The starting system should probably be simple, so that it can later be exteneded in any needed way. Or made easily compatible with anything OStatus might come up for distributed access.


Very short description: "See what's new around you". Have page showing news about your media, your friends, your subscribed feeds, etc. schendje had some ideas on this...