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NOTE: MediaGoblin is in heavy development, so the answers in this FAQ are very likely to be incomplete or obsolete. Please use the documentation, git, mailing list, IRC etc.

Is it possible to upload many files at a time?

As of 2013-09-08:

  • There is at least one script for that, based on the API, automgtic by joar. It might not work now in some way due to API changes.

There is an SQL error

If you've changed configuration (like enabling a plug-in) or updated the code, you may need to run a dbupdate, please see [2]. The database must be readable (and probably writeable).

Authentication is disabled after an update

Add this to the [plugins] section of mediagoblin_local.ini:


See mediagoblin.ini and [3] for examples of more.


Why did you switch from MongoDB to SQL?

There are some notes at