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== Logo ==
== Logo ==

Get and use the MediaGoblin logo at
Get and use the MediaGoblin logo at .

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This page describes MediaGoblin's appearance and style. If you're looking to contribute to its design, this is good reading material.

It is, however, not meant to be a definitive up-to-date guide. It serves as an introduction, but experiments with the design are common and the latest design specifications will always be found in the MediaGoblin software itself.

Default theme

By default, MediaGoblin the software and many of the MediaGoblin websites use a dark, relatively neutral theme. While beauty is important, we try to keep the theme simple and avoid unnecessary decoration. One of the reasons for this is that we believe MediaGoblin itself should stay in the background and put media in the spotlight. Another is that this makes it easier for others to theme their own MediaGoblin instances, which is also why we try to use as little images as possible in the design.

  • Text: we use a typeface called Lato, created by Łukasz Dziedzic. The MediaGoblin logo is a custom design, though it takes hints from Lato.
  • Background: a very dark grey with a slight texture. The texture was added to make it easier to distinguish the background from media with similar colors. Fallback color is #161616.


The basic color palette used for MediaGoblin is shown below. Many other colors based on the same hues are also used.

Color Hex Sample Used for e.g.
Text grey #C3C3C3 Color text grey.png Body text
Pure white #FFFFFF Color pure white.png Headers, logo
Highlight green #86D4B1 Color highlight green.png Links, buttons
Faint red #D49086 Color faint red.png Form headers

Light theme

Besides the regular theme, we've created a lighter version for use on the wiki, documentation and other places that might require reading longer pieces of text. It is meant to increase readability through the use of a black-on-white design and increased contrast.

Color differences include:

Color Hex Sample
A light background #FCFCFC Color light background.png
Dark text #3C3C3C Color light text.png
Black headers #000000 Color light headers.png
Adapted link color #499776 Color light link.png

Get and use the MediaGoblin logo at .