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WARNING: it isn't clear that this page should exist! We already have a contributing howto...

Want to start contributing to MediaGoblin? You've come to the right place!

Get in contact

The first thing you should do is get in contact with our team.

Join our mailing list!

We discuss all sorts of MediaGoblin related things here.

Join us on IRC!

Join #mediagoblin on Not sure what this means?

Chat with us in your browser.

Try out MediaGoblin

Just by running MediaGoblin and talking to us you are already on your way to helping a lot!

  • Want to run your own instance? Check out the Development quick start guide.
  • If you want to just look at someone else's instance, see the public servers page. Warning: it's probably pretty bare for now ;)

Start contributing!

There are many ways you can contribute to GNU MediaGoblin today!

File bugs

Filing bugs is a critical part of any project. For more information on filing bugs, see Filing bugs.

Write/fix some code

If you are a coder and you're looking to code, check out the HackingHowto. We even have tips on [BeginnersCorner|becoming a coder]] and we're willing to help you!

Spread the word

The seductive call of Free Software services is a powerful one, but many cannot hear it because it's drowned out by the rush hour traffic honking of proprietary walled gardens and faux free services. Yuck! Be the sweet chirrup of the bird amidst the din! Tell others that there is a better way to live!

FIXME - do we want to talk about ways to spread the word?

FIXME - how can people notify us that they're spreading the word?


It's easy to become a translator if you know a language you can help translate into! Just go to our page on Transifex, register, and start translating!

Graphic design and UI