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Note: We're still using Meeting for now :)

MediaGoblin Monthly Meeting

When: 9:00 am Pacific Time first Saturday of the month. Convert time to your timezone. Print current UTC time: date -u +"It's %F %T UTC"

Where: IRC #mediagoblin on

Always announced several days in advance on the mailing list as is date adjustments, agenda discussion and other meeting preparation.

Purpose: The idea is to discuss the past month, what happened, what was good, what should be done better. And to create roadmap for the upcoming month and assign tasks to people willing to handle them.

Typical Agenda topics:

  • What happened in the last month, what was good, what could be better next time?
  • What should be done next month?

Meetings are logged. Logs for past meetings.

Next Meeting

March 30th, 2013, 9:00 am Pacific Time (2013-03-30 16:00 UTC)

  • Add an adgenda item

Previous Meetings

March 2nd, 2013, 9:00 am Pacific Time (2013-03-02 16:00 UTC)

  • Bug triage day discussion
  • Upgrading Trac to 1.0
  • Next release: 0.3.3
  • Consider have release dates?
  • Plugin stystem
  • Consider moving to GStreamer 1.0
    • Debian - 1.0 in sid
    • Ubuntu - 1.0 in 12.10
      • Possibly backports for 12.04
    • Fedora - 1.0 in 18
  • Upcoming conferences and hackathons

Old meetings page (includes agendas)

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