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A list of Available Plugins for MediaGoblin

Core plugins

The core plugins are available right away with your mediaboblin instance, they are not necessarily activated by default, tho. Please check the plugin documentation to learn how to activate them.

Name Options Usage Doc Author
api User:Joar, MediaGoblin contributors
flatpagesfile It allows you to add pages to your MediaGoblin instance which are not generated from user content doc
httpapiauth Enables HTTP basic authentication for the API User:Joar, MediaGoblin contributors
oauth The oauth plugin enables third party web applications to authenticate as one or more GNU MediaGoblin users doc User:Joar, MediaGoblin contributors
piwigo Provides a Piwigo-compatible API
raven Support Sentry via Raven doc
sampleplugin Dummy plugin for example purpose
trim_whitespace This plugin inserts a Middleware that filters out whitespace from the returned HTML in the Response() objects. doc

Third party plugins

Those plugins have been made by various contributors to extend mediagoblin's possibilities

Name What Options Doc How to get it ? Author
mediagoblin-licenses Extend or replace the default license list
  • Append to existing list (true/false)
  • Licence list
pip install mediagoblin-licenses
gmg_localfiles Import files from your local filesystem without duplicating them. doc git clone https://github.com/Velmont/gmg_localfiles.git odinho/Velmont
mediagoblin_svg SVG image support Display previews and thumbnails as SVG Check README
mediagoblin-hidden_original Hidden original Give original upload a secret url, only publish downsized version pip install mediagoblin-hidden_original Unhammer
mediagoblin-recaptcha Google reCAPTCHA support Enable reCAPTCHA on registration form over http/https doc git clone https://github.com/ayleph/mediagoblin-recaptcha.git ayleph
mediagoblin-piwik Piwik support doc git clone https://github.com/ayleph/mediagoblin-piwik.git ayleph
mediagoblin-basicsearch Search for media doc git clone https://github.com/ayleph/mediagoblin-basicsearch.git ayleph
mediagoblin-embedcode Display embed code for video or audio player on media page Check README mayel based on proof of concept by ayleph

Work in progress

You're working on a plugin but it's not ready ? Please let us know, cause if someone wants to make the same feature, this person will help you rather than doing the same thing from scratch !

Temporary name Planned features Repo or a place to see the WIP Author Status
Raw file support for GMG
  • Support NEF, done
  • Support CR2
  • Investigate support for other formats (if they include full-quality JPEG inside the file)
https://github.com/Velmont/mediagoblin/tree/raw_image_mediatype odinho/Velmont
Tag Cloud Add a tag cloud feature for your templates git clone git://gitorious.org/~spaetz/mediagoblin/spaetz-mediagoblin.git HEAD:WIP/tag_cloud_plugin Spaetz It works but still needs core modifications.
Image property export for use externally
  • Basically, this would allow other sites (WordPress, etc.) to use their own plugins to easily grab image properties (description, name, url, alt text, license) for automatic insertion.
  • Include additional image properties (eg. alt text, short description) for scraping.
[none] exhipigeonist Absolutely no work and very little planning. Currently no more than an idea I'd like to work on later if I get time, in conjunction with a WordPress plugin that would utilise it, of course.
HTML5-Multiupload Adds a the html5 multifile input to the submit form https://github.com/VenKamikaze/mediagoblin-html5-multi-upload kamikaze-m Working on 0.4.1, but needs proper review. Test and report bugs, it might not work, but it's absolutly harmless to your MG instance
MG-GIMP Allows uploading of XCF images and GIMP resources (palettes, patterns, curves, gradients, brushes, dynamics, and tool presets). Thumbnails and previews are generated by an instance of GIMP running headlessly as a daemon. MG-GIMP docs and code repository Instance featuring GIMP media saulgoode Nearing completion. Still needs to be packaged for easier deployment.
mg-rdfa Embedding image metadata as RDFa https://github.com/commonsmachinery/mg-rdfa artfwo Experimental, only SVG images are supported at the moment.
uploadurl Upload Images via URL instead of file https://github.com/sebastiansam55/uploadurl sebastiansam55 Works when using browser that is logged in. Needs to use oauth or similar
mediagoblin-embedcode Display video embed code on media page https://github.com/ayleph/mediagoblin-embedcode ayleph Initial proof of concept
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