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[18:04] <chaosgoblin> ######################

[18:04] <chaosgoblin> Meeting started Sat Apr  2 16:04:20 2016 UTC.  
The chair is breton. 
Information about the meeting agenda at http://wiki.mediagoblin.org/Meeting#Next_Meeting

[18:04] <chaosgoblin> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #info #idea #link #topic.

[18:04] <breton> - 0.9.0

[18:05] <breton> - GSoC

[18:05] <breton> - 1.0?

[18:07] -*- breton double-checks that he is not wrong with the time

[18:07] <breton> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20160402T09&p1=224&ah=1 
looks like not

[18:07] <chaosgoblin> Title: Event Time Announcer (at www.timeanddate.com)

[18:07] <breton> ok then!

[18:07] <breton> #topic 0.9.0

[18:07] <breton> It released!

[18:08] <breton> http://mediagoblin.org/news/mediagoblin-0.9.0-three-goblineers.html

[18:08] <chaosgoblin> Title: MediaGoblin 0.9.0: The Three Goblineers | MediaGoblin (at mediagoblin.org)

[18:08] <breton> #link http://mediagoblin.org/news/mediagoblin-0.9.0-three-goblineers.html

[18:10] <breton> things seem to be going good, except some issues with python3 i see above in scrollback

[18:11] -*- breton waits for several more minutes

[18:16] <breton> ok than!

[18:16] <breton> #topic GSoC

[18:16] <breton> we have 2 proposals this time

[18:19] <breton> we have already requested our slots and now waiting for the results; 
they will be after 16th of April afaik

[18:20] <breton> and the selected projects will be announced on 22nd of April

[18:21] <breton> #topic 1.0

[18:22] <breton> by this time i wanted paroneayea to chime in, but it seems he is not here

[18:22] <breton> i don't know what is planned for 1.0, so i'll leave it hanging for some time now

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[18:34] <paroneayea> hello!

[18:34] <paroneayea> I'm here now!

[18:34] <paroneayea> (oops)

[18:34] <paroneayea> I can chime in on 1.0 :)

[18:34] <paroneayea> the "main goal" of 1.0 is to get federation merged, and then cleaned up

[18:35] <paroneayea> tsyesika has a branch with most things ready to be merged for "federation basics"

[18:35] <paroneayea> I need to go through it

[18:35] <breton> lets just merge it

[18:35] <breton> and see how it goes

[18:35] <paroneayea> also she's somewhat busy the next few weeks so

[18:35] <paroneayea> hm

[18:35] <breton> it will be more eyes after all

[18:35] <paroneayea> breton: I think yes, except that some sqlite migrations are failing

[18:35] <paroneayea> those should be fixed first.

[18:36] <paroneayea> but other than that, I'm not sure what should go into 1.0.  
I think we need to see as we start playing with it how long it'll take 
to make federation "nice enough" for a 1.0 release.

[18:36] <paroneayea> and I think other things might be mergable in the window that we're cleaning that up

[18:37] <paroneayea> and we should merge those, as always :)

[18:38] <paroneayea> I'm not sure what else to say on that topic!

[18:38] <paroneayea> I'm going to review tsyesika's code today and hopefully talk to her on monday

[18:39] <paroneayea> I should also say: Jessica's time on MediaGoblin ended this week

[18:39] <paroneayea> well, paid :)

[18:39] <paroneayea> she will be volunteering

[18:40] <paroneayea> breton: I think I'm done updating :)

[18:40] <paroneayea> unless anyone has questions

[18:42] <breton> i have a question, but not about 1.0

[18:42] <paroneayea> breton: ask your question!

[18:42] <breton> paroneayea: how much time do you have at Stripe? (it was them, right?)

[18:43] <paroneayea> breton: right!  I have one month left to focus on mediagoblin.

[18:43] <paroneayea> breton: in which case, after thta, I'll be figuring out what's next

[18:43] --> JoldWebb joined #mediagoblin

[18:43] <paroneayea> which

[18:43] <paroneayea> mediagoblin will be involved in some way

[18:43] <paroneayea> but how focused will depend on what happens

[18:44] <-- GoldenNeko left (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)

[18:45] <paroneayea> I'm doing my best to bring the mediagoblin an dederation dream true!  
but funding is hard :)

[18:45] -*- breton has no more questions

[18:45] <paroneayea> cool

[18:47] <paroneayea> so is that it for the meeting? :)

[18:48] <breton> looks like it!

[18:48] <breton> #endmeeting

[18:48] <chaosgoblin> Meeting ended Sat Apr  2 16:48:08 2016 UTC.  
Minutes:        http://mediagoblin.org/irclogs/irc_meeting-2016-04-02.html

[18:48] <chaosgoblin> Minutes (text): http://mediagoblin.org/irclogs/irc_meeting-2016-04-02.txt

[18:48] <chaosgoblin> Log:            http://mediagoblin.org/irclogs/irc_meeting-2016-04-02.log.html

[18:48] <chaosgoblin> ######################