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[18:01] <chaosgoblin> ###################### [18:01] <chaosgoblin> Meeting started Sat Jan 2 17:01:00 2016 UTC. The chair is breton. Information about the meeting agenda at http://wiki.mediagoblin.org/Meeting#Next_Meeting [18:01] <chaosgoblin> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #info #idea #link #topic. [18:01] <breton> Oh [18:01] <breton> Topics: [18:01] <breton> - 0.9.0 [18:01] <breton> - FOSDEM [18:02] <R13ose> - 0.8.2 [18:04] <breton> OK then! [18:04] <R13ose> Is mediagoblin down? [18:04] --> shymega has joined #mediagoblin [18:04] <breton> wow [18:04] <breton> seems like ti [18:05] <breton> looks like the whole server is down [18:07] <breton> it's NY now, so I guess when everyone wakes up after it they will fix it [18:08] <breton> anyway [18:08] <breton> - 0.9.0 [18:08] <breton> #topic 0.9.0 [18:08] <breton> I've pushed some code with the new admin media panel [18:09] <R13ose> I remember talk to chris about making Python 3 one of the big things that gets fixed in 0.9.0 as there are a lot of tickets related to that. [18:09] <breton> the code from old gsoc and was finally rebased [18:10] -*- breton shrugs [18:10] <R13ose> which old gsoc? [18:10] <breton> 2014 one [18:10] <breton> I could takle py3 [18:10] <breton> anyway, I have vacation till the 10th of January [18:11] <breton> and I expect to code something for MG [18:11] <breton> I didn't plan py3 though [18:11] <breton> maybe not in 0.9.0, maybe in 1.0 [18:11] <R13ose> Is there a timeline for release of 0.9.0? [18:12] <breton> I'd like to release it at FOSDEM [18:12] <breton> (which I plan to attend, though don't have visa yet) [18:12] <breton> it's in ~28 days from now [18:13] <R13ose> Maybe making Thursday ticket days bigger would help get that out and move py3 closer too. [18:13] <-- shymega left (Quit: My uptime! The goggles do nothing!) [18:14] <breton> or make thursday ticket days py3-tickets days [18:14] <breton> (for some time) [18:15] <R13ose> that could work better [18:15] <breton> lets have it next Thursday then! [18:15] <R13ose> I will get everyone who wants my help with tickets to focus on py3 tickets [18:16] --> shymega has joined #mediagoblin [18:17] <breton> awesome [18:17] <breton> lets get to the next topic [18:17] <breton> #topic FOSDEM [18:18] <breton> I just wanted to tell that I still don't have visa for Belgium and still not sure that I'm going [18:18] <breton> the application is in the embassy though [18:18] <breton> not sure if Chris and Jessica need visas [18:19] <R13ose> What is happening there? [18:19] <breton> I don't know. People talk I guess. [18:20] <R13ose> Can you followup with Chris and Jessica about FOSDEM? [18:20] <breton> when I get the visa, yes [18:21] <ersi> (Jessica don't need a visa by the way) [18:21] <-- shymega left (Quit: My uptime! The goggles do nothing!) [18:22] <breton> OK, and the next topic [18:22] <breton> #topic 0.8.2 [18:23] <breton> I don't really know what to tell about it [18:23] <breton> have all fixes that were before that security bug got into 0.8.1? [18:23] <R13ose> not sure what you are asking but 0.8.1 was released. [18:24] <R13ose> Well from the tickets I looked at before, most of the 0.8.2 ones left are Jessica's. [18:26] <R13ose> shouldn't 0.8.2 be out before 0.9.0? [18:27] <breton> nope [18:27] <breton> they are independent I think [18:29] <breton> from what I see [18:29] <breton> the changes between 0.8.0 and that security fix are in 0.8.1 now [18:29] <breton> my guess is that it makes 0.8.2 low priority [18:31] <R13ose> well, what about Jessica's tickets? Don't they move into 0.9.0 after they are fixed in 0.8.2? [18:31] <breton> after they are fixed in 0.8.2 they will automatically get to 0.9.0 [18:32] <breton> (if 0.9.0 is not released) [18:32] <breton> if 0.9.0 is released... I am not sure that we will support 0.8.x any more [18:32] <larjona> oh, late to the meeting [18:32] -*- larjona will read backlog now and try to catch up [18:34] <R13ose> well, I think my timeline should be 0.8.2 then 0.9.0 but if people higher in the project see this differently that is okay. [18:36] <breton> I think it's not "higher in the project" thing :) I think it's just who wants to work on these releases [18:37] --> titoko has joined #mediagoblin [18:37] <larjona> Well, I suppose the question is if tsyesika can get the fixes for 0.8.2 and release, before FOSDEM [18:38] <R13ose> Jessica has said that the tickets will be worked on soon but she is busy busy. [18:41] <breton> OK then! [18:41] <breton> thanks everyone for attending [18:41] <breton> #endmeeting [18:41] <chaosgoblin> Meeting ended Sat Jan 2 17:41:40 2016 UTC. Minutes: http://mediagoblin.org/irclogs/irc_meeting-2016-01-02.html [18:41] <chaosgoblin> Minutes (text): http://mediagoblin.org/irclogs/irc_meeting-2016-01-02.txt [18:41] <chaosgoblin> Log: http://mediagoblin.org/irclogs/irc_meeting-2016-01-02.log.html [18:41] <chaosgoblin> ######################